Adventure Journey

The aim of this section is to encourage a spirit of adventure and discovery.

This section focuses on your development as an individual and the way you work as part of a group, not just overcoming the physical demands of the venture. Ventures are done with a purpose and undertaken on foot, by cycle, on horseback, in canoes or boats without motorised assistance.

Your Adventurous Journey Section should provide you with opportunities to:
- demonstrate enterprise
- work as a member of a team
- respond to a challenge
- develop self-reliance
- develop leadership skills
- recognise the needs and strengths of others
- make decisions and accept the consequences
- plan and execute a task
- reflect on a personal performance
- enjoy and appreciate the outdoors

The process:

Training - all participants need to cover the preliminary training no matter what the venture is
Practice Journey - all participants need to undertake the appropriate number of practice journeys
Qualifying Journey - the qualifying venture.

For more details and information, check out the DOE website: Adventurous Journey Section