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Senior Y11-13

THIS TERM'S CORNERSTONE VALUE IS: Manaakitanga + Kotahitanga + Poutamatanga+

Manaakitanga - Manaaki i a koe ano (caring for ourselves) Manaaki te hapori (caring for our community) Manaaki te ao (caring for our world) Kotahitanga (togetherness) Poutamatanga (striving to improve - climbing up stairs). Ma te kotahitanga ka ako, ma te kotahitanga ka manaaki - Together we learn, together we care


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NZQA results are available online: Students please use your login on the NZQA website. Results have also been downloaded into KAMAR and mymahi. Check for any incorrect or missing results or qualifications. Email Mr McCartney (TAS Principal's Nominee) if there are any issues requiring advice or assistance.

Whangarei Bus Services Announcement: Unfortunately, Whangarei Bus Services have informed us that they will not be running the Town Bus run in the new year. We are working towards having a solution in place for the start of term. We will update again in the new year. Wishing you a Merry Christmas. Kind regards. Ray Petrie (Bus controller @ TAS)

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Senior Y11-13

YEAR 11 Handbook 2023

Year 11 students study six subjects for the National Certificate in Educational Achievement (NCEA) Level 1 at Tauraroa Area School.

Courses in English (11ENGL), Mathematics (11MATH) and Science (11SCIE) will be compulsory with three further subjects chosen from: Design and Visual Communication (11DAVC), Digital Technology (11DIGI), Drama (11DRAM), Geography (11GEOL), Health (11HEAL), Hospitality (11HOSP), Music (11MUSI), Physical Education (11PHED), Sustainable Rural Development (11SRDP), Te Reo Māori (11MAOR), Technology - Building and Construction (11BCON) and Visual Art - Painting (11VAPA).

The list of available subjects may change, depending on student demand. Other subjects are available through FarNet (online learning).Courses tailored to student needs are developed after consultation with the Careers Adviser (Mrs Chaplin), Year 11 Dean (Mr Petrie) and the FarNet e-Dean (Mr Callachan).   https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1yAeQa3YNLu9cAK65saigQLmUMhoToE_8SNupLktNDA8/edit?usp=sharing

NZQA Explanation of NCEA (Video)

Year 12 Handbook for 2023

Year 12 students choose six subjects for NCEA Level 2 at Tauraroa Area School.

Six subjects can be chosen from: Biology (12BIOL), Chemistry (12CHEM), Design and Visual Communication (12DAVC), Digital Technology (12DIGI), Drama (12DRAM), English (12ENGV, 12ENGW), Gateway/Star & Trades Support (12GSTS), Geography (12GEOG), Health (12HEAL), Hospitality (12HOSP), Mathematics (12CALC), Mathematics & Statistics (12STAT),  Music (12MUSI),  Physical Education (12PHED), Physics (12PHYS), Sustainable Rural Development (12SRDP), Te Reo Māori (12MAOR), Technology - Building and Construction (12BCON), Tourism (12TOUR), Visual Art-Painting (12VAPA) and Young Enterprise Scheme (12YESS). Other subjects may be available through FarNet (eLearning School), e.g. History, Classics, Accounting, Economics, Media Studies and so on.

This list is not, however, exclusive. Courses tailored to student needs are developed after consultation with the Careers Adviser (Mrs Chaplin), 2022 Year 12 Dean (Mrs Allan) and the FarNet e-Dean (Mr Callachan).  https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1yAeQa3YNLu9cAK65saigQLmUMhoToE_8SNupLktNDA8/edit?usp=sharing

Check the University Entrance requirements in the Handbook very carefully.

Year 13 Handbook for 2023

Year 13 students choose five subjects for NCEA Level 3 at Tauraroa Area School.

The following subjects are offered at Year 13: Biology (13BIOL), Calculus (13CALC) , Chemistry (13CHEM), Design and Visual Communication (13DAVC), Digital Technology (13DIGI),  Drama (13DRAM), English (13ENGL), Gateway/Star &Trades Support (13GSTS), Geography (13GEOG), Health (13HEAL), Hospitality*, Music (13MUSI), Physical Education (13PHED), Physics (13PHYS), Statistics (13STAT), Te Reo Māori (13MAOR), Technology - Building and Construction (13BCON)), Tourism (13TOUR), Visual Art-Painting (13VAPA) and Young Enterprise Scheme (13YESS).  Other subjects may be available through FarNet (eLearning School).

*The Level 3 Hospitality course is run in partnership with NorthTec as part of the Te Taitokerau Trades Academy programme (TTTA). Students enrolled in the Cookery Academy will be eligible to gain the New Zealand Certificate in Cookery Level 3 which is recognised throughout the hospitality industry. The course consists of 60 NCEA L3 credits. After attending an introductory week long course, students attend NorthTec for one day a week as part of their school studies. An 80% attendance requirement is essential to ensure students have the best chance of success. On successful completion of this course, the expectation is that these students will be eligible to apply for Level 4 Cookery Programmes. 

We can also provide subjects and qualifications to meet the needs of students not going on to university by linking some students with Year 12 classes. Credits are thus available at NCEA Levels 2 and 3.

Work placement (Gateway) and leadership opportunities are available.

Courses tailored to student needs are developed after consultation with the Careers Adviser/Year 13 Dean (Mrs Chaplin) and the FarNet e-Dean (Mr Callachan).   https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1yAeQa3YNLu9cAK65saigQLmUMhoToE_8SNupLktNDA8/edit?usp=sharing

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