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School Examinations Timetable

THIS TERM'S CORNERSTONE VALUE IS: Pa-te-aroha / Compassion+

To help, empathise with, or show understanding and support to those who suffer


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The BP Challenge will be held in the library Wednesday 6th July - Friday 8th July. This means that the library will be closed and will re-open in Term 3. Please make sure students are encouraged to get their holiday reads before then and apologies for any inconvenience caused.

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School Examinations Timetable

Y11-13 Examinations school examinations date is yet to be decided. Usually it is the first week of September (When Year 10 go on OPC camp). In 2021 they were held in Term 4 just before the actual NCEA examinations. What this space...

Morning examinations run from 9-12 noon (be there by 8.45am) and afternoon examinations from 1-4pm (be there by 12.45pm) unless otherwise stated.

All examinations will be in the gym and classes (Assemble at the gym on the examination day to see the allocated rooms).

Time has been allocated for Tourism, YES, BCON, Te Reo, Drama, DVC, Hospitality and  Visual Art students to be in school with their teacher for extended periods of time. These sessions are compulsory for senior tourism, YES, BCON, te reo, drama, dvc, art and hospitality students. 

If you have a clash then please notify Mr McCartney to arrange an alternative time.

During examinations week students need only attend school for their examinations (or non-examination sessions time) BUT if we are to  match the way the system works for the ”real thing” in November/December then students MUST follow these steps.

  • No student can leave the examination venue within the first 45 minutes
  • No student can leave the examination venue within the last 15 minutes
  • No student can just get up and go – there are strict rules around returning papers
  • Students must bring QUIET STUDY to complete in E1, MP1 or other designated venue e.g. Art students can go to Room 19.  It is always a frustration when students do not use their time well and disturb others’ learning.
  • Students MUST wear normal school uniform
  • No food, gum or drink (except water) in the examination venues
  • Students driving themselves must have completed the usual paperwork.
  • Equipment must be in clear, pencil cases (plastic bags are really good)
  • No toilet exits – go before you enter
  • Mobile phones must be switched off in the examination room
  • No wristwatches to be worn.