You will develop a skill of your choice over the required time at each level. You must show regular commitment for a minimum of one hour per week carried out in your leisure time. There is no set level or standard which an individual must reach to successfully attain this section. Progress and a sustained interest must be shown over the required amount of time. This should lead to a deeper knowledge of the subject and the attainment of a reasonable degree of skill, based on your own capabilities. Goals for skill development should be discussed with your assessor.

There are many different types of activities you could do for your Skill that fall roughly into the following categories:

The Arts
Collections, studies and surveys
Recreational Skills
Life Skills
Workshop Crafts

Please note that you can’t use any physical activities for your skill as they come under the Physical Recreation Section.

For more details and a full list of possible skills, visit the DOE website: Skills Section

Or, talk to Miss Curnow about possible skills you could develop.