Cyber Safety

TAS students have great access to digital technologies at school including computer labs, computers, iPad minis, and chromebooks in class, wifi internet access, and more.

Therefore it is important that we do everything we can to ensure the safety of one another in this environment.

Our Digital Technologies and Cyber-Safety Agreement is an integral part of the process. Students and parents of all students must sign this for continued access to computers and wifi.

Download the Agreement:

Tauraroa Area School Digital Technologies and Cyber Safety Agreement – 2022


I (student) understand that:


  • The sole purpose for school computers and Digital Technology resources is to support teaching and learning. 

  • I may bring up to two personal computing devices (including one smart-phone or similar device) and connect to the school wireless network; ensuring I comply with the terms of this school digital technologies agreement.

  • An additional (to a smartphone) personal computing device used needs to be fit for purpose with regards to teaching and learning; therefore it should have wireless connection capability and a suitable screen (10-inch+ recommended) and keyboard (on-screen in the case of a tablet).

  • The school will monitor my use of the wireless network and the school server; excessive data use will be recorded and will need to be justified.

  • The school will do its best to keep me safe while I use the school computers and wireless network, e.g. appropriate filters, antivirus software and firewalls are in place.

  • I am not permitted to access, store or distribute material through the internet which is offensive (e.g. violent , pornographic etc.), dangerous, inappropriate at school and/or illegal, or bullying.

  • When I use email or other forms of messaging at school, I am not permitted, under any circumstances, to send any messages which are bullying, offensive, dangerous, inappropriate at school and/or illegal.

  • I may use computers, or my own personal device, in class only with teacher permission and supervision. I do not have the right to automatically use my device at school. 

  • I am not permitted to share any of my password or login details with other students. 

  • I am not permitted to upload or download music, games, videos or applications without permission. I will ensure I do not violate any copyright laws by downloading or copying anything illegally.

  • I will do my best to ensure that any portable storage devices I use (including USB memory sticks and drives) are free of viruses and inappropriate content.

  • If I do not follow these rules my right to the use of school computers and/or the wireless network may be removed for an appropriate period of time. Personally owned devices will be confiscated if used inappropriately.


Cornerstone Values and Digital Technologies: Duty of Care, Responsibility as a Digital Citizen


We care for Digital Technology resources.  Therefore, I will:

  • Be careful with equipment and furniture. I will not wilfully damage school or others’ property.

  • Use only school software on school computers.

  • Not attempt to repair or modify any school equipment.  I will report any maintenance issues to my teacher and Mr McCartney, our Director of ICT.


We consider other users.  Therefore, I will:

  • Avoid disruption of the running of any school computer, program or network, and share resources appropriately.

  • Take care not to display images, record or play sounds, or type messages which may cause offence to others.

  • Oppose cyber-bullying. I will not demean, provoke, or bully a student or teacher in any way through the recording, posting, sending, changing, displaying or transmitting any content that is harmful or unwanted, on any school or personal device.

  • Tell a teacher (or Cyber-Safety Officer) immediately if problems occur, and, other than for the purposes of retaining evidence, remove all inappropriate material from display and/or device.


We respect privacy and cyber-security.  Therefore, I will:

  • Use only the login ID and password assigned to me. I will not give anyone on the internet personal information about someone else – this includes family or friendship details, address, phone number, photograph, login ID, password, and banking or credit card information.

  • Only use plug-in devices (including cell phones and external memory) under teacher supervision.


(Please sign this agreement and return this page to the school office)



I have read the Digital Technologies and Cyber Safety agreement and know the importance of the school policy for the acceptable use of school and personal digital technologies. I agree to oppose (that is, to neither participate in nor accept) cyber-bullying in any form.


I know that if I break the rules contained in this Agreement, I might lose the right to use a school computer and/or the wireless network. In addition the school may take other disciplinary action against me, which could include my removal from any course that involves the use of digital technologies and the internet and/or the confiscation, and banning from use of personal devices at school.

Name (printed): ____________________        ___Year level and whānau roopu: _______     _

Signature:  _____________    ________________Date: _____________


I have read the Digital Technologies and Cyber Safety agreement and understand that my child is responsible for using school equipment and the internet as outlined in it.

I have gone through the Agreement with my child and explained its importance. I understand that there may be consequences for breaking the Agreement as outlined. We have discussed cyber-bullying.

I understand while the school will do its best to restrict student access to offensive, dangerous, inappropriate or illegal material on the school network, and computers, and via the Internet, email and other communication systems, it is the responsibility of my child to have no involvement in such material.


I give permission for                                                 to be given access to school computers and Chromebooks, the school computer network, the internet, the wireless network, and a Google Apps for Education account.


Name (printed): ________________________


Signature: ______________________________Date: ___________________


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