School Rules

Tauraroa Area School

Our School Rules

 Vision: To be the best we can be

At Tauraroa Area School we enjoy an environment where rights are respected and we take responsibility for our behaviour.

 Students will:

  • Wear correct uniform
  • Arrive at school and class on time, with the necessary equipment and ready to learn
  • Speak respectfully to others at school
  • Comply with requests from adults, prefects and bus monitors
  • Stay within school boundaries
  • Keep to the Digital Technologies and Cyber Safety Agreement
  • Follow the school rules while traveling to and from school
  • Use rubbish bins

Students and staff at all times strive to follow our eight Cornerstone Values:

Whakarongo: Obedience
Whai Tika: Duty
Whakaute: Respect
Ngakau Atawhai: Kindness
Aaro-nui: Consideration and Concern for Others
Pa-te-aroha: Compassion
Pono-nga: Honesty and truthfulness