2024 stationery is available for purchase online through:
NZ School Shop (Office Products Whangarei) either online or instore

BYOD Information

Students are encouraged to bring their own portable computing device to school. They will have access to Google Apps for Education through their school google account. Teachers are using these apps to communicate with each other and with students, to share work, create learning, and to respond to student work with adivce and guidance online, TAS has 2 dedicated computing rooms but for learning to truly incorporate the digital world it is increasingly valuable to have portable devices available to be used whenever and wherever they are wanted and needed. When the school purchases portable equipment we are usually turning to Chromebooks, We currently have 3 COWS (Computers on Wheels) and 4 BOBS (Boxes of Books) for use on-the-go in regular classes, which are in constant demand. This stock will increase over time. We have found these to be surprisingly robust and very useful in terms of size, weight and capability. There are rarely enough Chromebooks for everyone to have their own in class. You can help by providing a portable device for your student this year and a Chromebook would be a wonderful starting point.

Check out Noel Leeming here.
Or Harvey Norman here.