• The official school suppliers are BETHELLS (The Strand) and Northland School Wear (Kamo).
  • All uniform items have the school logo.
  • Hair should be clean, neat and tidy and avoid extreme styles.
  • Second-hand clothing is available. Please check with the office.
  • It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that all uniform requirements are met.
  • Students who do not have correct uniform should report directly to the school office to seek a replacement item or uniform pass. A note from home is helpful in these instances.

Boys and Girls: Years 0-6

A green uniform polo shirt is required for ALL primary students. This may be worn with black shorts, skirt, track pants or trousers.  A dark green zipped polar fleece can be purchased from The Warehouse or the Tauraroa polar fleece and jacket from our providers. A black thermal top may be worn underneath the polo shirt.

Girls: Years 7 – 10

Black dress skirt (2 styles available) of length just above or below the knees (with logo); black shorts or trousers (with logo). A skirt with an elastic insert is available to order. White or black POLO shirt with school logo & striped collar. A long sleeved matching colour thermal may be worn under the polo shirt. Uniform (bottle green and gold) polar fleece or school jersey. White or black socks or black tights. School jacket is optional.

Girls: Years 11-13

As for Y7-11 with optional white uniform blouse with school logo.

Boys: Years 7 – 10

Shorts or black trousers (with logo).  White or black polo shirt with school logo & striped collar. A long sleeved matching coloured thermal may be worn under the polo shirt. Uniform (bottle green and gold) polar fleece or school jersey. Plain white or black long or short socks. School jacket is optional.

Boys: Years 11-13

As for Y7-10 with optional white uniform shirt with school logo.

Year 13 students and Year 12 prefects can purchase a plain black dress jacket (girls) or blazer (boys) from the uniform suppliers.


Plain black shoes or sandals with ankle straps. A 5cm maximum height restriction applies. NOTE: For safety reasons, the wearing of enclosed shoes in technology and science classes is required.


  • Makeup is to be discreet and natural in appearance.
  • No jewellery is to be worn, with the exception of up to a maximum of four small studs in ear(s) and a single discreet nose stud. Other forms of body piercing are not permitted.
  • No coloured nail polish is to be worn nor any false/fake nails. Nails are to be kept trimmed to a short length for reasons of safety and hygiene
  • Young men are expected to be clean shaven.


Sunhats are compulsory for all outdoor activity for students in Years 0-8 in Terms 1 and 4 and strongly recommended for all other year levels.  Bottle green, wide brim or bucket style hats are available from the school. Plain black peak caps may be worn in Years 7-13. A black beanie with school logo (2 styles available) or plain black beanie may be worn outside in cold weather, in Terms 2 and 3.


During periods of cold weather, students will be permitted to wear a PLAIN BLACK scarf or the Tauraroa Area School scarf (available from the school office).


T-shirts and shorts or tracksuit pants are to be worn during Physical Education classes. Sneakers are to be worn when using the ‘Astro-Turf’ courts. Everyday uniform clothing is not appropriate. T-shirts that leave the shoulders and/or midriff bare, or are ‘low-cut’ are NOT acceptable.  All students MUST tie back long hair. Swimming caps are recommended for students when in the swimming pool. The wearing of rash vests is encouraged.


TAS team uniforms are worn by all teams. A small rental is charged to cover laundry costs.


Clean and tidy mufti may be worn. Clothing advertising alcohol, illegal substances or any messages or images inappropriate in a school setting will not be permitted. Makeup and jewellery may be worn on mufti days.  Any jewellery worn is done at the students’ own risk. Teachers reserve the right to ask students to remove jewellery deemed inappropriate or dangerous for a particular activity or if health or safety issues arise.