Tauraroa Area School strives to meet the changing needs of our times by providing continuous professional development for staff and top quality buildings and equipment.

Our most recent report from the Education Review Office highlighted the positive and caring learning culture of the school. NCEA success rates are among the highest in the country, providing lifelong opportunities for our students.

Skilled and dedicated staff ensure that every student is valued and cared for. Students are encouraged to reach their potential in all fields of endeavour – academic, sporting and cultural. In all activities students build a sense of self-worth through achievement.

As an Area School, we provide a unique environment for students’ growth and development, providing continuous learning pathways encompassing primary, intermediate and secondary levels.


I have really enjoyed TAS. As an area school it’s provided my boys with a relaxed environment to transition from day care into primary school. Their play based learning has really made that transition smooth. There are lots of opportunities for our children to participate in sports days, country days, camps, speech competitions, music lessons, daily swimming in summer and many more. It’s one of the few schools that send kids on camp from the first year and my boys have thoroughly enjoyed that opportunity. Our children can try out a variety of sports, arts, and academic competition without even leaving the school grounds sometimes – and they are encouraged to do so by their wonderful teaching staff. There are so many opportunities at TAS for the children, they just need to join in. I have found the school has a wonderful community and enriching feel about it.

 TAS is a safe rural school that offers our boys a variety of opportunities. They have excelled under the guidance of their teachers who have been open to regular discussions and advice on supporting them in their learning. These teachers are constantly using new and interesting ways to help our children read and write and learn in ways that are the best for them. For us personally it is nice to know our children are safe when they are at school and away from the added distractions of town or city life when they enter high school. The school grounds are also tidy and they have a pool and trees which makes for a nice environment.

 While we have not had major issues at school, we have had a couple of occasions where we have needed to either address concerns with teachers or other children. On every occasion I have found the staff that I have had to deal with helpful and reasonable within the guidelines they have to follow. Their concern has always been for the children’s wellbeing in my experience.

Parent – Carine.


My children have been given a multitude of opportunities while attending TAS – in particular,

  • Hillary outdoor adventure;
  • Music programmes;
  • Band participation; and
  • Kapa Haka

Because of the community vibe the school has created and the opportunities it has offered my children, I have seen them thrive during their time at the school. They are able to freely to express who they are with their peers, teachers and community while feeling accepted and valued. 

The communication between the PTA, administration staff and principal has been efficient with conflict resolution being a top priority. They have also offered great support to my children and to us as parents. 

We can’t recommend TAS school enough. Thank you.

Parent – Fiona